Bank Secrets Revealed

 “The truth about banks and how to beat them!"


The banks commit fraud every single day, and most people haven’t got a clue!

Our government has signed us all up to be slaves, and yet most people still believe that they are free.

Do you feel like you’re working longer hours than ever before, but you just can’t get ahead?

Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to “pay off” your house?

Are you struggling under a mountain of debt, and want to know how to eliminate it instantly?

Are you being hassled by debt collectors and need to know how to stop them in their tracks?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to read our eye-opening book, “Bank Secrets Revealed – The truth about banks and how to beat them!"

In this game-changing book, we explain the history of money and the banking system and how people have been contracted to the International Banking Cartel without their knowledge.  We explain the essential elements of a contract, how most contracts are null, void and unenforceable, and how to protect yourself against an unconscionable contract.

We detail the fact that our governments tax our labour, without any lawful authority to do so, in order to pay interest on loans to the International Banking Cartel, which can never be repaid, thus enslaving us all.

Most people look in their purse or their wallet and think that their banknotes have value, without understanding that every single dollar they have is really a debt instrument, as it has an inherent interest component attached to it.

Now, you may be thinking at this point that “this is all interesting information, but how do I actually use it to my benefit?”

"I have a $20,000 loan/credit card, can you help me, what do I do?"

After many years of reading and researching, trialling and testing, we now have proven strategies that work, and we have now drafted a very straightforward 4-step letter process that you can use to successfully challenge any unsecured loan/credit card.  Our book includes copies of letters from banks confirming that our system works. Even if things have progressed to a debt collection stage, we have another 4 step process that you can use and we have a number of advanced letters that we include as well.

Unfortunately, with the current corrupt system the way it is, secured loans - such as home loans – are harder to challenge because the banks have the courts in their back pockets, and our book details the specific process that the banks use to commit fraud every single day.  As more everyday Aussies become aware of this information, we will hopefully be in a position to challenge the banks on these types of loans in the not-too-distant future. That is why we have made our book so affordable, given the tens of thousands dollars – if not hundreds of thousands – that it can potentially save you.

Our book even covers more advanced information such as the “Strawman” concept and how our government has corporatised us by converting our Live Birth Record into a Birth Certificate – you will be amazed to find out how much your Birth Certificate is truly worth, and what the government really does with it.

By reading our book you will learn about the following well-kept secrets:

1.The exact RBA statistics that prove that the banks “create” money.

2. Why debt collection agencies have no right to pursue you for a debt, because they’ve actually already eliminated it for you.

3. Why the banks hold your Certificate of Title, and what they’re really doing with it.

4. How banks commit insurance fraud every time they force you to take out lenders mortgage insurance.

5. An ingenious strategy for avoiding bankruptcy, even if paperwork is looming or a court order has been made against you.

We sent out a pre-release version of our e-book to around 50 people in October/November  last year and we have received an incredible amount of positive feedback on it. We have made a number of changes, included some new information and our final, updated release is now ready. Our book has now grown to 69 pages and is hard-hitting and straight to the point – all killer and no filler. We recommend that you read through our Testimonials page to see what our clients and members have to say about our information, strategies and our e-book and, make sure you watch the video testimonial further down this page as well.

We know there are longer books out there, and we’ve even included one of those in the accompanying Documents CD/section that comes with our book, but we also know you don’t have time to read pages and pages of fluff, so we have condensed our information right down to the most essential points. We also know that there are other 'free' e-books available on-line but, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Please note that our information is written by Aussies, for Aussies and refers to specific Australian legislation, case precedents and Australian rules and procedures - it not re-hashed info from the US or UK that has been "adapted" to suit the Australian market!

Our incredible book includes simple-to-understand definitions of important key words and phrases that the banks and our government like to use to try and confuse people.  It also includes references to numerous court cases that verify and validate everything we say, and we include full copies of these court cases in the Documents CD/section.

In addition to the book itself, the accompanying Documents CD/section contains the following powerful extras:

  1. The full, Australian-specific, 4-step process letters to send to your bank.
  2. The full, Australian-specific, 4-step process letters to send to a debt collection agency.
  3. Our unique Debt Disclosure Statement, which we have successfully used to help hundreds of Members over the past 5+ years to eliminate their credit card debts.
  4. A super-advanced letter to blow any debt collection agency out of the water.
  5. An essential No Trespass sign that everyone should use to keep unwanted visitors off their property.
  6. And even an additional 97-page e-book that covers similar principles.

As a “Bank Secrets Revealed” e-book Member you will receive a professionally printed and bound copy of our information, along with a CD, or our digital e-book with the Documents section, that contains all the above-mentioned documents, as well as access to free updates to our book, as and when we release them.

And, if you have any doubts as to how powerful and effective our information really is, be sure to check out the video testimonial below to see what others think of our information. We also have a whole page full of written testimonials that you can read too.

We have no doubt that the banks and government will, at some point, try to shut us down because they obviously don’t want us revealing their secrets, so we urge you to click the link below to join up as an e-book Member, and get your copy of our e-book ASAP.

Our digital e-book membership is just $67 and can be ordered via the link below. It comes as a locked pdf with your specific details registered to it. Please note that this is an on-screen version only and it cannot be printed.

Bank Secrets Revealed digital e-book

  • This is the final release version of our new e-book - "The truth about banks and how to beat them!"
  • November 14, 2016
  • 69 pages

If you are after a professionally printed and bound version of our information, which includes a copy of our Documents CD with all the "extras" on it, then please use the link below to order that for just $87 + P&H.  Please note that we will send your hard copy, and accompanying CD, out to you by Express Post so you will receive it within a day or so of placing your order, in most cases.



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