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All our Digital E-Book versions are available to view on-line and include links to all our pre-written letters (to send to the banks and/or debt collectors) as well as links to other websites, videos and court cases for additional information.

We also have a 3 x CD audio version of book, as well as a DVD that has a seminar presentation that we conducted, explaining a lot of this information in greater detail. You can add these onto your Digital E-Book order via the options below and they will be posted out to you separately.

Please note that all Digital E-Book order can only be accessed on-line and cannot be printed or copied and pasted. If you are after a more portable version, then we always recommend our professionally printed and bound Hard Copy versions, which you can order from this page.

Please note we are having MAJOR issues with our digital versions which our IT guys have NOT been able to sort out. We ALWAYS recommend our hard copy versions (due to the inherent limitations with the digital options) and, given the delay in MANUALLY adding people so they can access our digital versions, you will likely receive the hard copy sooner than you would get access to the digital version so please keep that in mind when making your final purchasing decision.

And remember, our e-books come with a full 30 day money back guarantee! That means you have a full month to read through our e-book and implement the strategies that we provide and, if you're not 100% convinced that the information that we provide is everything we say it is, and more, simply let us know and we will give you a full refund (less P&H)! As you can see, we take all the risk for you so grab a copy of our truly revealing book right now!

Please select the Digital E-Book option that best suits your needs from the choices below:

Digital E-Book Only



Digital E-Book plus Audio Book


Digital E-Book plus Seminar DVD


Digital E-Book plus Audio Book and Seminar DVD