This page is dedicated to success stories and feedback from our clients and Members who have successfully used our information, strategies and services to have various loans and credit cards wiped off and/or to stop banks and debt collectors from harassing them. We have also included some feedback from our brand new e-book - "The truth about banks and how to beat them". Be sure to scroll to the bottom of our Home page - https://banksecretsrevealed.com.au/ - and order your copy if you don't yet have one.

As you can see below, one of our members was so blown away by the power and effectiveness of our information that he actually recorded a full video testimonial and sent it to us - not like the clearly solicited and or answers to leading questions that you see on most sites!


And here's many more from others who were a little too shy for the camera but took the time to write to us and share their successes with us:

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for all your help with my ANZ credit card. I was so glad to come across you after being harassed endlessly by a number of debt collectors. Just getting them to leave me alone was my primary goal but have them write to me and confirm that my debt had been waived was above and beyond all my expectations.

Thank you so much.

Natalia - Vic.


Hi Guys,

All I can say is "Wow"!

I thought I was screwed when I received paperwork from a law firm saying they were taking me to court over my $40,000 loan. I was really concerned and can't express how grateful I am for your help.

I have to admit, I was absolutely shocked when they write back to me after sending just one of your letters, saying that they were discontinuing the matter and that no further action would be taken.

I have seen and tried various stuff from the internet but nothing has ever been as powerful or worked as effectively as your info.

You guys are the best and I would recommend your info and services to anyone.

Thanks again,

Peter - WA.



I just wanted to write and say a very big "Thank You" for all your info and for help with my CBA credit card debt and also my ATO debt.

I can't believe that just a few letters eliminated a credit card debt that I had been hounded over for ages. And, I always thought it was impossible to challenge the ATO and am ecstatic that they wrote of my 20k debt after just one of your letters!

Keep up the great work and thanks again,

Amanda - Vic.


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that after dealing with my CBA debt a few years back, I was contacted by a new debt collection group out of the blue just recently. I couldn't believe it considering the CBA actually wrote back saying that my account was closed.

Anyway, I sent them one of your letters and haven't heard from then since and that was almost a year ago.

Your info definitely works and I would recommend it to anyone who is being harassed by the banks or any debt collectors.


Michaela - QLD.


Hi Guys,

Just some feedback on your new e-book:

Congratulations! It is an excellent document and source of extremely valuable info.

Your idea about a P.O. Box is essential and should be emphasized from the very outset.

Those words you refer to, to put on contracts that are dubious is a mater stroke!

Great info on the push for a cashless society, I was not aware of the ultimate consequences.

Best regards,

Gary - WA.


G'day Guys,

You have no idea how encouraging it has been to discover an organisation that is not only aware of this, but fighting to make it known. There can be few, if any, organisations with greater potential to truly help their fellow man than yours! In any endeavour you can gauge your effectiveness and value by the hatred and fear you receive from your enemies, I hope you guys are ready for a fight!

I have read your e-book and found it to be truly excellent. In researching, compiling and disseminating this information you are truly doing God's work, whatever any individuals perception of God may be. Truly a light in the darkness!

Sincere thanks,



Hi Guys,

Wow! This book was long awaited and highly anticipated and it does not disappoint. It exposes the fraud that has been perpetuated on the public and how one can take back their life from debt control.

The book is filled with practical advice, letters one can use, bonus chapters and court cases to back up the content. I urge everyone to get two copies, one for themselves and one to share with someone you care about.

Thank you for your generosity to reveal and share this most profound information and the keys to wake up and make use of it.

Paul - NSW


Great work Guys,

Your e-book is highly informative and packed with lots of useful details. Everyone needs to know the Truth behind the frauds that have been perpetrated against ALL of us and the steps are here to gain remedy.

I highly recommended it.



Hi Guys,

With regard to your book's content, it really does outline everything in plain and simple terms and I hope people will understand and really take notice.

I may not be the most ardent ‘truther’ out there but I do try to explain these concepts to friends and colleagues with very limited success. It is amazing how conditioned most people are to dream up arguments when something sounds contrary to what they think they know about what taxes pay for and how the banks own our houses until we pay them back etc.

Thank you for creating this e-book, I believe it's a worthy addition to the ASF and KYR e-books.




Hi guys,

Another great read! This is a ‘must-read’ book for people struggling with trying to get ahead in today's tough times.

I found that it was well structured, readable and extremely informative.

Great work, many thanks.

Kind regards,



Hi Guys,

Firstly, I want to say Wow! Upon reading the pre release version, I was extremely angry at the corruption and deceit we have been personally subjected to over the course of 30 so years.

I have had 5 mortgages and knowing now how they a formulated and entrap the poor borrower I am truly disgusted at my own ignorance.

A great job guys.




Hey guys,

Congratulations on making a great, informative book. I found it informative, precise and it was easy to follow.

The thing I liked most about it is that it went further towards the next step instead of stopping at the first layer.

Well done on a great work with plenty of reference material. A lot of the material I was aware of, but it is fantastic to have it laid out in an easy to follow format.

I haven’t looked at the bonus material yet, but I wanted to hold something back for further reading.




Hi Guys,

Thank you so much. Brilliant yet simple.

Your system has saved me from nearing bankruptcy, reduced the stress level down to acceptable levels. When I posted on the FB page seeking guidance from the fellow members I was drowned in criticisms from accusations that I was rorting the system and not taking responsibility for debts that I had accrued. However, they didn’t need to know that the credit card debt was residual from divorce where I lost 5 properties…

Thank You. God Bless (Ephesians 3.20)

Warm Regards,



Hi Guys,

I promised months ago to share this victory, here it is...

I have had a victory deleting a personal loan.

It all started when I received a very dodgy unsigned, undated, unaddressed letter from Lattitude, telling me not to worry. You loan is still exactly the same, only the name has changed.I had an Aussie personal loan which Lattitude now claimed ownership of.

I had a very bad loan agreement where the repayment price was twice the original loan.The original loan was $5000. I had already paid $5000 back but still had $5000 to go. This letter was a perfect opening to use the bank secrets revealed letters on Lattitude.

I did not even get to the Notice of default stage. They replied after my first reminder notice. The loan is now officially closed with no further repayments required. I have attached the letter from Lattitude. And after that my credit rating went up! Not that I wish to rely on credit ever again.

I am now in the final stage of Removing a $24,000 credit card debt with Virgin Money. I will let you know the conclusion in the coming months.

If anyone is interested I have my video testimony on the Bank secrets revealed web site after fighting a ridiculous Centrelink claimed debt. That is why I originally bought the bank secrets revealed book.

Paul from Sydney.

P.S. I will send a copy of the letter to Bank Secrets with my address edited out and I will make a donation as this information is obviously worth much more than $100.


Hi guys,

Just wanted to send you a big thank you and the following testimonial.

Your information and system works if you send the letters via registered post, this is my experience since I started sending letters 18 months ago;

ANZ CC debt $14K sent all the letters via registered post, they wrote back several times with threats and other intimidation and they kept upping the alleged amount owed each time they contacted me, I just stuck to the process of the letters. They threatened legal/court action etc... kept sending me statements, now it's stopped. No word from debt collection agency or attorneys. Not a word from them anymore for over 6 months.

NAB CC debt $12K sent all the letters via registered post, they wrote back a couple of times. After sending the last letter I never heard from them again. No threats, nothing for over 9 months now.

CBA CC debt $52K sent all the letters via registered post, they wrote back several times with threats and other intimidation and they kept upping the alleged amount owed each time they contacted me, I just stuck to the process of the letters. Then they got a debt collector to contact me (Recoveries Corp). I sent them the letters and mailed copies of my correspondence with CBA to Recoveries Corp via registered post, never heard from them again. Then CBA got another debt collector to start contacting me (Pioneer Credit). Sent them the letters also, they responded a couple of times with you owe us blah blah blah...they rang me quite a few times, I just said I only correspond in writing and then hung up. Next Pioneer Credit got lawyers involved to represent them and wrote to me threatening legal/court summons in seven days if I didn't respond. I waited...then about a month later the lawyers wrote again with similar threats, I sent them copies of my written correspondence with Pioneer Credit and have not heard from them since, that was over 4 months ago.

If I hear from any of these jokers again I will just resend any copies of previous correspondence, no need to say any more to them. If they had a leg to stand on, I would have been in court months ago.

Just stick to the letters and don't give in to their threats and intimidation, it bloody works!!

I am now completely debt free! In total over $78,000 of alleged debt has been wiped out. My credit rating is no doubt destroyed but I'm happy about that as I now have saved thousands of $$$ since not paying these criminals all their extortion money and there's no way I will fall for their crap again.

Thanks again,



Hello guys.

Someone opened an account at Optus mobile in my name some months back. I ended up with a bill of ~$700. I filled out a police report and refused to pay the debt. Optus kept pursuing me for the debt. When I refused to pay, a few months ago the debt was referred to Milton Graham asking for ~$4700. I wrote MG stating that I was only to be contacted by mail. Needless to say that was ignored. When I got the first call from MG, I looked up the number on the internet and found out who it belonged to. I had my mobile set to block private calls and found the numbers MG were using and blocked them also. Over the next months I received over 200 sms and calls from MG. All of which I ignored. I didn't replay to messages or call them. I sent MG the first 2 letters like you suggested. Today I got news from Optus that my claim was accepted, the goons would be called off and references to my credit rating removed. I figured that if I did not respond to their calls or messages, they had no case over me.

I bought your package several months back and it has handsomely repaid itself. I am also a member of Aussie speeding fines and Know your rights groups. I have used the ASF info to save myself and others thousands of dollars and have learnt my rights and how to use them. And now yours. So many thanks to you guys and here is one more testimony that your procedures do work. I am over the moon at this. Keep up the great work.

(Maybe you should locate your site overseas to keep our criminal governments from trying to block you.)